The Social Action Fund, SAF supports the Community Asset Mapping and Development for Sustainable Development, CAMDSD workshops under the asset based development program to enable local citizens establish sustainable social enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods.

The primary workshop involves respectively; Recognizing, identifying, and mobilizing community assets. Activities under the primary workshop include

  • Mapping community groups/associations,
  • Appreciative interviewing/Community analysis of success/Helping communities identify and learn from positive deviance,
  • Mapping individual skills,
  • Undertaking capacity inventories,
  • Mapping physical and natural resources,
  • Identifying economic opportunities
  • Linking assets to opportunities/Mapping other institutions to discover full range of these institutions and the assets they offer for community building.

Secondary workshop involves Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, PME, where the foundation convenes the local citizens per subcounty basis to discuss about; what significant changes have happened in the village since a particular point in time, why the changes were significant, how the changes took place and what decisions to make about future development activity.

Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, PME workshops help in increasing efficiencies of the social enterprises and hence income levels.
Under these two workshops, the fund caters for publicity, logistics and facilitation of participants.

SAF also provides matching grants to the social enterprises. Each social enterprise is initially required to contribute Shs. 1,000,000 to the savings box with MCF matching the amount to Shs. 2,000,000. The social enterprises save for 12 months (1year) before initiating the loan scheme. The scheme enables each member of the social enterprise access low interest loans to invest in his/her enterprise so as to increase income levels.

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