The youth fund supports the youth civic engagement, yce program. Yce program involves the young generation into asset based community driven development, abcd. The program is helping train a generation of;

  • leaders who will always guide the foundation in meeting its objectives.
  • donors who will always support the foundation in fostering social change in Masindi.
  • mentors of the local citizens in managing their social enterprises.

The fund facilitates the biennial Youth Advisory Council orientation meeting, youth needs assessments activities by the Youth Advisory Council, Youth Advisory Council grantmaking meetings, Youth Advisory Council fundraising/funddevelopment activities and Youth Advisory Council community service activities.  Refer to What We Do to learn more about the youth civic engagement, yce program.

The Youth Advisory Council recommends grants from the fund to formally established community based organizations during grantmaking meetings to implement programs that benefit the youth in Masindi district.

Click here for a list of grants made and the various youth activities supported by the youth fund. Click on the Donate button below to give to the Youth Fund.