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Community fundraiser hosted by MCF

MCF hosted a fundraiser for one its community based organizations, Nyabyeya Development Association on 28th June 2014 at Nyabyeya community hall. The community event attracted over 500 people from Budongo subcounty.

Nyabyeya Development Association, NYADA is a community based organization comprised of the following community groups/social enterprises and consisting of 80 members; Balijukira poultry group engaged in poultry production, Nyabyeya census group engaged in goat enterprise, Budongo United Carpenters Association, BUCA, Tweteranize hamu maize group, Superica rice group, Management chapaati enterprise group, Courageous vegetable group, Nyabyeya tailoring group, Nyabyeya crafts group, Nyabyeya bee keeping group and Nyabyeya brick making group.

The social enterprises/community groups were established through guidance from the Masindi Community Foundation, MCF following asset based development approach. Through the foundation's Community Asset Mapping and Development for Sustainable Development, CAMDSD workshops, community members realized that they've skills, capacities, opportunities and resources within their communities, which they can utilize to improve their livelihoods. The most important unique aspect of CAMDSD is that a person is able to realize how his/her skills compliment another person’s skills and thus help people form themselves into suitable social enterprise groups based on their skills, talents, knowledge, capacities in given fields and opportunities which they’re able to exploit in line with their skills and capacities to improve their livelihoods.

In total over Shs.1,300,000/= was raised from the community event. This sum will be added to the association’s Shs. 10,000,000 savings.

The association shall soon commence disbursement of loans to its members to invest into the respective social enterprises so as to realize increased income and hence achieve poverty relief.

We are grateful to everyone who generously contributed to this drive. Together we make Masindi a better place to live for everyone.


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