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MCF recognized at the EDGE Funders Conference in Berkeley, California.

MCF recognized at the EDGE Funders Conference in Berkeley, California.

We’re once again grateful about our work gaining international recognition.

Our sustainable community benefit charcoal briquette social enterprises under the asset based development approach were recognized significantly at the conference.

The project has created sustainable jobs for 650 people in Masindi, by enabling them develop charcoal briquette producing social enterprises (farmers produce efficient charcoal briquettes from postharvest agricultural wastes readily obtained as opposed to the traditional system of deforestation for charcoal production). The enterprises have so far yielded income of at least $4,200 to the community members since November 2011. MCF offers mentoring and training to the social enterprises, and they’ve been able to utilize income earned from the briquette enterprises as capital to set up other micro-enterprises like poultry or piggery, and initiate savings and credit schemes. MCF continues to provide mentoring and training services to the groups about how to manage their social micro-enterprises during Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, PME workshops.

        One of the charcoal briquette enterprises created through support from the foundationPacked charcoal briquettes for one of the enterprises ready for sale

The conference was about how community philanthropy organizations can work with corporations to foster sustainable development.

Here is an extract from one of the papers presented at the conference………… ‘’Examples of projects that have hallmarks of “economic sustenance” were provided to illustrate the importance of long term community driven and initiated interventions.

The Ugandan charcoal project from Masindi Community Foundation was given as a useful and practical example of economic initiative with positive long term results’’.

We thank the conference participants for recognizing and taking the work we do to the next level.

Together we make Masindi a better place to live for everyone.

Read more about the EDGE Funders Conference here and the publication by Global Fund for Community Foundations (GFCF) here.


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