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Kisanja community mill commences operation.

Kisanja community mill commences operation.

In a bid to promote value addition so as to increase income of agricultural social enterprises, MCF has established another community maize processing facility in Kisanja.

The facility which has brought milling services closer to the people at a reduced fee is benefiting community of over 2,000 people.

The income obtained from the milling services is being injected into the community’s savings scheme which is currently providing small interest loans to community members to establish sustainable micro-enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods towards achieving poverty relief.

The mill apart from enabling maize value addition so as increase income of the community and improve livelihoods is also providing raw materials (maize bran/by-product of processed maize) currently being used as binder in making efficient charcoal briquettes under the foundation’s community project, ‘’sustainable alternative technology to local charcoal production’’, whose goal is ‘to provide an alternative to deforestation for wood fuel as an in-come generating activity for the community by involving them into the production of effective profitable charcoal briquettes from free post-harvest agricultural wastes which are always disposed off after harvest so as to mitigate the effects of climate change which negatively affect agricultural output and thus ensure sustainable agricultural production.


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