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USAID and International Youth Foundation YouthMap seminar.

USAID and International Youth Foundation YouthMap seminar.

International Youth Foundation, IYF and USAID hosted the YouthMap seminar from 21st April 2015 to 22nd April 2015 at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

The YouthMap, a program of the IYF supports promising youth development programs in up to eight countries in Sub-Sahara Africa. Building on the theoretical framework introduced in the World Bank’s 2007 World Development Report: Development and the Next Generation, the program looks at the youth as ‘’problems solvers” rather than ‘’problems to be solved’’. The key youth development programs here are; Education, Employment, Citizenship and engagement and Youth at Risk.

The seminar was an information learning and sharing platform for leaders of organizations/institutions all over Africa promoting these values to learn from one another’s best practices.

The seminar was also a platform to highlight and recognize the work of young leaders across Africa who are working hard to improve the livelihoods of the youth and their communities.

Most importantly various avenues for partnerships and innovations in the youth sector were identified by the participants.

We’re very grateful to USAID and IYF for the invitation and recognizing the work we do specifically in enabling illiterate and unemployed youth establish and operate sustainable enterprises capable of improving their livelihoods.


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