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Support to Children


MCF strives to ensure all children enjoy the blessings of good health, education, and happiness. In order to advance this goal, MCF develops programs and partnerships in two main areas: Health Security and Educational Outreach.

Child Welfare


MCF advocates for the concerns and rights of children through giving them support in all aspects of life for example in courts of law, humanitarian assistance, education.

Scholarships and Half bursaries


We solicit and provide scholarships and half bursaries to orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), street children, children from retrenched and monogamous families, very poor children and disabled children most especially with much emphasis on the girl child right to education. The organisation supports and gives care to over 300 orphans and vulnerable children.

Health care support


This project plans to provide health care support for 200 rural girls in Luwero and Nakaseke districts which will focus on preventive and curative health care such as health education, treatment, supply of sanitary pads and mosquito nets.

Coaching and mentoring


The project  conducts tutoring and mentoring sessions to rural households affected by poverty so as to positively influence their mind-set and improve chances of their Household Income.



MCF recruits, trains and organizes international volunteers to achieve our mission of fostering the positive development of children at social risk in Uganda. 

Through this work, MCF strives to contribute to a brighter future both for the children we serve and the volunteers that work with us, a goal achieved by training volunteers to become educators and role models that serve children both now and into the future.